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  • Make Elon and Chris sit for an hour in a room

    Kim In The MixKim In The Mix21 orë më parë
  • Everyone’s worried about them ruining the book I’m over here crying cause two of the most beautiful people are in the movies. Especially Timothee. His beauty is killing me.

    Bhashini WijesingheBhashini Wijesinghe21 orë më parë
  • Which is the song plays in the trailer

    Pundalik YalurPundalik Yalur21 orë më parë
  • OHHH... This is a thousand times better than the first movie... Thanks to James Gunn and the Marvel team who Initially fired time ;) Of course they hired him back, or he would make the whole DC universe much more viewable

    Aadithya krishnanAadithya krishnan21 orë më parë
  • Security helmets like from Yans Comic. Superb!

    UsagiUsagi21 orë më parë
  • Esquadrão suicida 💖💖💖💖🛐💖

    Aleee KakakAleee Kakak21 orë më parë
  • Movie's story didn't stick with us much as conjuring 2 and 1.

    Ultra ArtUltra Art22 orë më parë
  • Too many characters!

    PolarBear Kids Fun Toronto CanadaPolarBear Kids Fun Toronto Canada22 orë më parë
  • MORTAL KOMBAT X SUB ZEOR Pablo Manolo Garita

    PabloMontereoGanta4-2 PabloMontereoGantaPabloMontereoGanta4-2 PabloMontereoGanta22 orë më parë
  • John Cenaaa!

    MnS VlogsMnS Vlogs22 orë më parë
  • Idris Elbaaaaa! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    MnS VlogsMnS Vlogs22 orë më parë
  • The Bunny And GOAT That A Lie MJ Is The Real GOAT

    Spongebob Popsicle ChannelSpongebob Popsicle Channel22 orë më parë
  • Marvel:we have avengers Dc:we have a batman

    Seargant solmon☑️Seargant solmon☑️22 orë më parë
  • This woman is illegally invading our space station! sanction her

    神城子神城子22 orë më parë
  • Looks like a B movie.

    Viol8rViol8r22 orë më parë
  • This looks dark af I love it

    Ghost For HireGhost For Hire22 orë më parë
  • The only reason Im gonna watch this movie is grandson in the soundtrack because from the trailer it looks like it will be another movie where they try to hide bad writing with a couple funny jokes... I hope Im wrong tho

    HamsterFromSpaceHamsterFromSpace22 orë më parë
  • 🥱🥱🥱

    Andrew SilvaAndrew Silva22 orë më parë
  • Great movie .. Too much back and forth, then back, then forward.. then present 😑

    HowdyAuSHowdyAuS22 orë më parë
  • 🐦

    D O O RD O O R22 orë më parë
  • Shazam is back

    Edwin RajEdwin Raj22 orë më parë
  • Amazing backsong briliant song Nirvana

    Muhammad RezaaMuhammad Rezaa22 orë më parë
  • I am getting a Spidey sense of a mediocre film. humour going to be more shock humour, and oh look that person and or thing is just being that person and or thing. (most Harley Quinn jokes) king shark will clearly be a success, he is always the best of anything he's in. (suicide squad animated version, Harley Quinn animated show) the new leader has the same motivation as dead shot from the last movie. all in all I'm predicting 6 or 7/10.

    john arbock jojohn arbock jo22 orë më parë
  • Is it gonna hit 100 mill views anyone ?? ❤️❤️❤️

    Joshua 524Joshua 52422 orë më parë
  • Best wishes for the movie, but I miss Camila!

    ssellssell22 orë më parë
  • is that The Doctor?????

    Rin IndiboxRin Indibox22 orë më parë
  • Well, by definition it cannot be any worse than the original

    MrStevensMrStevens22 orë më parë
  • James Gunn can't resist jokes involving child abuse even after his scandal. "He's harmless" . "He's killed 27 children"

    MazBringsbyMazBringsby22 orë më parë
  • What a movie super hit i love it😇😇😇😇

  • I'm sorry but the original point break is still the Best!!!

    Agent HunkAgent Hunk22 orë më parë
  • This will work,yet a new batman will come in around 5 to 10 years. They just can't stay with a single Batman.

    Vedant Sharma 9-CVedant Sharma 9-C23 orë më parë
  • Having lebron James in here ruins the movie

    Aaron OsborneAaron Osborne23 orë më parë
  • Suicide squad The suicide squad Birds of prey and the emancipation of Harley Quinn What's next?

    ReallyNoobieta's ChannelReallyNoobieta's Channel23 orë më parë
  • Damn they humiliate and nerf Henry’s Superman lol. WB is mad

    Superior GamingSuperior Gaming23 orë më parë
  • bro what happened to lola 😭😭

    Baller KeiBaller Kei23 orë më parë
  • Bird 🦈

  • I'm excited to see Margot Robbie

    sudipto sahasudipto saha23 orë më parë
  • I can’t wait two see this movie

    Jonah ThompsonJonah Thompson23 orë më parë
  • .

  • .

  • Spent even feel like a dceu film. We don’t even know who’s playing Superman

    Ayman ShethAyman Sheth23 orë më parë
  • Movie has the message but this is just like buying Che Guevara T-Shirts. Only commodifies revolution and not actually leads to any.

    ZenoTheMeanoZenoTheMeano23 orë më parë
  • This looks amazing

    The Carterson CentralThe Carterson Central23 orë më parë
  • Hey guys Sorry I'm late Had to go number two 🤣

    Good WitchGood Witch23 orë më parë
  • #RealesetheAyerCut

    Eric Con CEric Con C23 orë më parë
  • Everyone is talking about the GOTG mentioned in the trailer but just take a look at the description lol😂

    Unknown DevilUnknown Devil23 orë më parë
  • I cant wait for the Honest Trailer of this.

    Carol RibeiroCarol Ribeiro23 orë më parë
  • There is a lot of people playing in Brooklyn 99 🤣

    NostroNostro23 orë më parë
  • The shark likes to eat the bird... but instead he just said "Burd" with a bit of frustration...

    YautjaYautja23 orë më parë
  • Starro lives

    Anirban MitraAnirban Mitra23 orë më parë
  • Cameraman is the real MVP

    Ayush JhaAyush JhaDitë më parë
  • As soon as I heard project: starfish I instantly thought Starro

    Cupson Plush ProductionsCupson Plush ProductionsDitë më parë
  • I love how dc is taking unpopular characters and deciding to take a chance and make them more known. That's how it's supposed to be done especially when adding more diversity. I never knew about bloodsport before but now i wanna know everything he looks dope af

    Robert HughesRobert HughesDitë më parë
  • "Come watch my new movie , im being oppressed by wyte supreme pizza" - LeBron James

    Goreggg MuhkrayGoreggg MuhkrayDitë më parë
  • I like Hollywood movie

    Car SaleCar SaleDitë më parë
  • You know I was so hyped for it but now I’m just happy we have Harley and some cool shark dude

    Key KreklewetzKey KreklewetzDitë më parë
  • grandsons song just fits perfect to suicide squad

    LunteXDLunteXDDitë më parë
  • So basically ready player one, but it's not a video game..

    DexDexDitë më parë
  • Cant wait!!!

    Toan NguyenToan NguyenDitë më parë
  • Oglądałam to polecam

    Gabrysia ytGabrysia ytDitë më parë
  • Ok. This might be the first movie worth going to the theater to in a looooong time

    SteVeLSteVeLDitë më parë
  • 2:22

    Ethan’s science channelEthan’s science channelDitë më parë
  • Low expectations, will still watch.

    Jermaine RodneyJermaine RodneyDitë më parë
  • the fact that bloodsport put superman in the icu is pretty shocking, he might’ve got some deadly kryptonite from lex luthor. Eat your heart out deadshot

    DrStarrkDrStarrkDitë më parë
  • This looks awesome I loved the original so it will hard to beat that but this actually looks awesome

    Jamon HartzerJamon HartzerDitë më parë
  • Can Weasel have his own movie. Please? I love this freaky thing already.

    WASCHBÄR el MapacheWASCHBÄR el MapacheDitë më parë
  • I never cry in my life Because of this movie i cry And i cry a lot With a good time at age of 19 I found my love and with that Fabric of love We have 4 children and then I experienced death she comes very near to me and say hello So I have a great time now again More love to feel but hope not says hello to dead 💗soon

    Saqib JavedSaqib JavedDitë më parë

    Ann LinkAnn LinkDitë më parë
  • Theory: Catwoman is Falcone’s daughter who Bruce Wayne used to be friends with but Falcone betrayed him and became an enemy of Batman’s as for did Catwoman but before Falcone and Bruce became enemies, Bruce & Selina were dating & even when Falcone is Wayne’s enemy, Bruce Wayne & Catwoman will still have feelings for each other as that’s how Batman & Catwoman’s relationship will work out & them thug dudes who who say to Batman are Penguin’s thugs who later on in the film build up to become them dudes & when they become them dudes, they put on Penguin make up or them thugs work Falcone or the Penguin and Falcone had a deal that had some sort of connections to them thugs.

    Cai JonesCai JonesDitë më parë
  • This soundtrack is better than the movie.

    Cristina woodCristina woodDitë më parë
  • This entire pitiful looking background looks like it was filmed in the Nevada desert or somewhere in Arizona they can do anything better than that

    BRING IT InBRING IT InDitë më parë
  • And this child

    Mentos SnapcamMentos SnapcamDitë më parë
  • *I can't tell if this is supposed to be a sequel or a reboot to/of the first Suicide Squad, someone enlighten me-* *Wait, nvm, Ik now* *...* *Is Birds Of Prey canon in this franchise? Like, did Harley go back to jail?*

    Pink_ DestinyPink_ DestinyDitë më parë
  • So there just reusing the dead shot story? creative

    Jeffrey SeibertJeffrey SeibertDitë më parë